2nd ESPON-INTERSTRAT meeting,8.11.2011,"ESPON findings in service of a new paradigm of regional development in Greece"

Τhe 2nd ESPON-INTERSTRAT Workshop is organized by the Greek ESPON* Contact Point, on the 8th November 2011, at Panteion University (Sakis Karagiorgas Amphitheatre), in the framework of a joint programme of capitalisation and dissemination of the ESPON2013, entitled ESPON-INTERSTRAT. The ESPON-INTERSTRAT transnational networking activity deals with integrated territorial development strategies (ITDS) in Europe. This meeting is structured around three Round Tables which will be moderated by journalists and will discuss the following topics :

§ regional organisation based on the new geography created by the administrative reform «Kallikrates» and how this new reality can integrate strategic planning and integrated territorial development strategies in favour of the new municipalities and the new regions, especially in the framework of the post 2013 cohesion policy.

§ the ESPON findings deriving from the ESPON Project and their potential contribution in Greek policy making at regional and local levels.

§ The future orientation and the role of cities as driving forces for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe, through the procedure of strategic planning and regulation.


*European Observatory for territorial Development and Cohesion

2nd INTERSTRAT meeting final agenda ( PDF )

2nd INTERSTRAT meeting final agenda (Word)


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