About us


Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences of Athens/Greece- "Strategic and Maritime Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development" Laboratory

The Laboratory is coordinated by Dr Stella Kyvelou, Dipl. Architect-Engineer PhD, Geographer-Planner, Associate Professor at the Department of Economics and Regional development of the Panteion University of Athens.

The SMSPSD Laboratory is co-directed by Prof.Antigoni LYMBERAKI. It is also assisted by Prof. Clive RICHARDSON, Prof.Nicolaos TATSOS, Prof. Theodosios PALASKAS and Ass. Professor Antonis ROVOLIS of the same University Department. It is closely co-operating with Prof. Simos RETALIS of the University of Pireaus,, Prof.Eythimios LEKKAS of the University of Athens, Prof.Nikitas CHIOTINIS of the Technological Educational Institution of Athens, Prof.Georges PREVELAKIS of the University Paris I-Panthéon-Sorbonne and many researchers and fellows that have been all involved, in principle, in the ESPON2006 ECP too.

The ESPON2013 ECP has also a well developed Communication Department.  For more information on our profile please see " SMSPSD Laboratory profile".