The ESPON cooperation is composed of the following elements:

  • Monitoring Committee (MC)
  • Managing and Paying Authorities (MA/PA)
  • Coordination Unit (CU)
  • ESPON Contact Points (ECP)
  • Transnational Project Groups (TPG)

The Managing and Paying Authorities and the Monitoring Committee are responsible for the implementation, management and monitoring of the ESPON 2006 programme.
EU Candidate Countries and Neighbouring States have the possibility to join the ESPON programme as observers as well as full partners, becoming Partner States within the Programme.
The activities of the network are co-ordinated and supported by the Co-ordination Unit.
ECPs are appointed from national public organisations or scientific institutions which represent the Member States’ research capacity through their own expertise and links with and knowledge about national research institutions in all spatially relevant sectors of research.
The TGPs are carrying out the applied research projects. Each TPG has to include research institutes from at least three countries and is led by a Lead Partner.