ESPON Publications

ESPON provides a number of publications bringing together the results from the various ESPON projects and providing synthesises on specific issues.

ESPON publications come in three distinguished series:

  • ESPON Briefings
    The ESPON Briefings are approx 20 pages and provide a quick policy-oriented overview on selected topics. European maps and the interpretation of maps are key elements of the briefings. The first briefing was published in November 2004 and the second in March 2006.
  • ESPON Synthesis
    Reports The ESPON Synthesis Reports provide on approx 100 pages a more in-depth overview on the latest ESPON findings on European territorial development. The synthesis reports try to pick on the policy debate at the time of publication. The first synthesis report was published in autumn 2003, the second one in spring 2005 and the third in autumn 2006. This latter synthesis report reflects the results of all projects within the ESPON programme.
  • ESPON Scientific Reports
    The ESPON Scientific Reports present selected features of the scientific debate in European territorial research and the progress made by the scientific coordination provided by ESPON in building a common platform and tools for analysis. The first scientific report will be available in spring 2006 and the documentation of progress made in the first ESPON programme by the end of 2006.

In addition to these three publication series, ESPON has also published an ESPON Atlas (status 2006), two reports on scenarios on territorial futures (2007), the ESPON Europe in the world report (2008), a short information folder (status autumn 2003) and a poster. Finally, all project-related reports can be found under Projects.

All ESPON publications are available for download free of charge.

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