Scientific responsible :

Dr Stella KΥVELOU, Dipl.architect-engineer, spatial/environmental planner PhD, is Associate Professor on "Spatial Planning and sustainable development" at the Department of Economics and Regional Development of Panteion University. She's also teaching "Strategic spatial planning" and "Urban Envirinmental management" at the Post-graduate Cycle of the same University Department. She is specializing in sustainable and inclusive territorial planning and sustainable urban management, maritime spatial planning. She has been also visiting Assistant professor at the Department of Environmental Engineering of the Democritus University of Thrace (1996-2000). Founder and President of the International SD-Med Association (, which is closely co-operating with Panteion University. a non-profit enterprise whose mission is to promote co-operation on sustainable development in the Mediterranean and the Balkans. Member of the Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis Unit of the Greek Ministry of Interior, Public Administration and Decentralisation (1988-2002).

Territorial cohesion issues are among her research fields, since 1999 and she is author of a book and several articles on territorial cohesion in Europe.
She was among the main researchers of the ESPON 2000-2006 ECP on behalf of UEHR,Panteion University, actively involved in the organization, networking and dissemination activities of the ESPON 2006 Greek ECP. She has participated in the Greek data navigator building, in the ESPON GIS and in the 3.1 INTEGRATED TOOLS FOR EUROPEAN SPATIAL DEVELOPMENT, 1.1.2 URBAN-RURAL RELATIONS IN EUROPEand 2.2.1 TERRITORIAL EFFECTS OF STRUCTURAL FUNDS, ESPON Projects.
As Director of the Green ESPON Contact Point 2007-2013, she was coordinator of the following projects : INTERSTRAT, ESPONTrain (LP), USESPON, ESPON-on-the-Road.
She has been scientific responsible in numerous European Projects on spatial/urban development issues and has been the main scientific responsible and organiser of the following related events :
1. December 2003, « New forms of services and european territories : towards social and territorial cohesion and sustainable development" under the aegis of the Council of Europe, the French DATAR and with the cooperation of OECD. ( initiative : SDMed informal network)
2. May 2007, Host: Panteion University, « Spatial and Urban development policies in the frame of sustainable development », French Institute of Athens, under the aegis of the French Embassy in Greece ( initiative : SD-Med Observation Network )
3. January 2008, «The Mediterranean city facing climate change : Innovation, investment, governance, for a low-carbon city" Technopolis Cultural centre of the Athens Municipality ( initiative : SD-Med Observation Network )
4. 16-17 march 2009,Greek-French meeting entitled "Public Policies for territorial cohesion and sustainable development : where are-we in the Mediterranean ?", French Institute of Athens, under the aegis of the French Embassy in Greece, the Greek parliament, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Interior, and the Ministry of Culture.

Author of books and publications, among them the most recent one :

Kyvelou S.(ed.), "Maritime spatial issues : maritime dimension of territorial cohesion, maritime spatial planning, sustainable blue growth", ed.KRITIKI, Athens, 2016 (in greek)

Kyvelou S., "From spatial planning to territorial management : the meaning of strategic spatial planning and territorial cohesion in Europe", Ed.KRITIKI, 2009, Athens ( in greek)

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Antigone Lyberaki is Professor of Economics at Panteion University (Department of Economics & Regional Development), where she holded the post of Head of the Department(2006-2008). She studied Economics at the University of Athens and the University of Sussex. After a BA in Economics at Athens, she proceeded to an M.Phil in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies and a D.Phil from the University of Sussex on Flexible Specialisation in Greek Small-Scale Industry.  She specialises on SMEs and Industrial Policy and has written on Industrial Policy, Immigration, Labour and Social Protection issues.  She is the author of numerous monographs, papers and journal articles in Greece and abroad.  She served as a member of the  BEST task force (Business Environment Simplification Task Force- 1996 to 1997) established by the E.U. for the promotion of SME-friendly policies.  She coordinated the 2001 and 2002 Greek National Action Plans for Employment (for the Ministry of Labour- where she was appointed to the Council of Experts on Employment and Social Security).  She was member of the Board of Directors of the Migration Policy Institute (until 2004). She is currently conducting research on small business strategies in the presence of foreign labour supply. She is also country team leader in EU-funded SHARE project on Ageing (health, pensions and retirement).

Recent Publications

  1. Lyberaki, A.  2002, “Social Capital Measurement in Greece” (with Ch. Paraskevopoulos), OECD-ΟNS International Conference on Social Capital Measurement, London, UK, September (OECD website, electronic Book).
  2. Lyberaki, A. & Ε. Tsakalotos 2002 “Changing Society without Society: Social and Institutional Constraints to Economic Reform in post-1974 Greece”, New Political Economy, Vol.7, No.1
  3. Lyberaki, A.  2003 “Inflow of migrants and outflow of FDI: Aspects of interdependence between Greece and the Balkans” (with L.Labrianidis, P.Tinios & P. Hatziprokopiou), Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (JEMS) May
  4. Lyberaki, A. & L. Lambrianidis  2004 “Back and forth and in-between: returning Albanian migrants from Greece and Italy”, Journal of International Migration and Integration, vol. 5, number 1, winter
  5. Lyberaki, A. 2004 «Migration as a positive sum game: a view from the South», in Inglessi, Lyberaki, Vermeulen & Van Wijngaarden (eds.) Immigration and Integration in Northern versus Southern Europe, Nederlanden Institute in Athens publication.
  6. Lyberaki, A. (with J. Dendrinos), 2004, Flexible Work: new forms and quality in employment, Athens, KERKYRA (book in Greek)
  7. Lyberaki, A., 2005, “Women in the New Employment Scene”, in Dedousopoulos, A., Y. Kouzis, X. Petrinioti, S. Robolis (eds.) Work 2005, Institute of Urban Environment and Human Resources, Athens (in Greek)
  8. Lyberaki, A., 2005, “The Greek Employment Strategy in the European context: instrument for intervention or automatic pilot?”, in Karamesini, M. & Y. Kouzis (eds.) Employment Policy: the cross roads of economic and social policy, Athens, Gutenberg (in Greek).
  9. Lyberaki, A., 2005, “Technology and Work: a difficult, two-ways relationship”, in Naxakis, H & M. Hletsos (eds.), The Future of Work: contemporary socioeconomic analyses, Athens, Patakis (in Greek).
  10. Lyberaki, A., 2005, “Women Everywhere, but How?”, Introduction to the Greek Edition of Wahl, A., Ch. Holgersson, P. Hook & S. Linghag, Theories on Organisation and Gender, Centre for Equality (KETHI), Athens.
  11. Lyberaki, A. (with Pl. Tinios), 2005, “Poverty and Social exclusion: A New Approach to an Old Issue”, in Borsch-Supan, A. et al (eds.) Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe: first results from the Survey on Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe, published by Mannheim Research Institute for the Economics of Aging (MEA).
  12. Lyberaki, A. 2005 “Albanian Immigrants in Athens: new survey evidence on employment and integration” (with Th. Maroukis), Journal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies.
  13. Lyberaki, A., 2008 (forthcoming), “Changing labour markets and their implication for social protection”, in Monica Carlos, (ed.), Athens, Sideris


  • Antonis ROVOLIS

Antonis Rovolis (economist, BA Athens, MA Sussex, PhD LSE) is assistant professor of Spatial and Urban Economics at the Department of Economic and Regional Development, Panteion University of Athens. He has worked as a research fellow at the Queen Mary College, University of London, at the Institute of Regional Development, and the Institute of Urban Environment and Human Resources, Panteion University of Athens, and he has taught at Thessaly University, and Harokopio University of Athens. He has been a visiting research fellow at Toronto University, McGill University, and Concordia University. Expertise: urban and regional infrastructure investment, urban and regional economic growth, spatial dimensions of new technologies, real estate, new economic geography.

Indicative Publications

  • (with Andreas Feidakis) “Capital Structure Choice in European Union: Evidence from the Construction Industry” Applied Financial Economics, 2007, Vol.17 (12), pp. 989-1002
  • (with Alexandra Tragaki) “Ethnic Characteristics and Geographical Distribution of Immigrants in Greece” European Urban and Regional Studies, 2006, Vol.13 (2), pp. 99-111
  • (with Mathew Lambrinidis and Giannis Psycharis) “Regional Allocation of Public Infrastructure Investment: The Case of Greece” Regional Studies, 2005, Vol.39 (9), pp. 1231-1244
  • (with George Petrakos and Andrés Rodríguez-Posé) “Growth, Integration and Regional Inequality in Europe” Environment and Planning A: Urban & Regional Research, 2005, Vol.37, pp. 1837-1855
  • (with Nigel Spence) “Promoting Regional Economic Growth in Greece by Investing in the Public Infrastructure” Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, 2002, Vol. 20 (3), pp. 393-419
  • (with Nigel Spence) “Duality Theory and Cost Function Analysis in a Regional Context: the Impact of Public Infrastructure Capital in the Greek Regions” Annals of Regional Science, 2002, Vol.36 (1), pp. 57-78
  • (with Liza Tsaliki) ‘The Internet as a Tool for Public Policy-Making: Assessing the Central State Initiative in Greece” στο Communications, The European Journal of Communication Research, 1999, Vol.24 (3), pp. 255-275
  • “To What Extent is Spatial Economics ‘Proper Economics’: Regional Science, Economic Geography and Geographical Economics”, Aeihoros, Vol. 3 (1), pp. 80-101 [in Greek]
  • “European Policies and European Regions: Objectives and Results”, Agora Without Frontiers, Vol. 9 (1), pp. 72-87, 2003 [in Greek]
  • “New Economic Geography and Alternative (Forgotten?) Theories: In Search of an Analytical Framework for Spatial Economic Theory”, TOPOS, Vol. 18-19, pp. 5-16 [in Greek]
  • “The Regional Dimension of Migration in Greece: Spatial Patterns and Causal Factors” in Regional Analysis and Policy: The Greek Experience, eds. H. Coccossis, Y. Psycharis, (Contributions in Economics) Springer, Berlin, 2008
  • “New Economic Geography (or Geographical Economics”, in Human Geography, (eds.) T. Terkenli, T. Iosifides, I. Horianopoulos, Kritiki, Athens, 2007
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  • “Advance in Urban Economics and Regional Science: New Economic Geography”, in Honorary Collective Volume for Professor Konsolas, Panteion University, Athens, 2005 [in Greek]
  • “Economic Analysis and Space: New Economic Geography”, in (eds.) A. Kontis, H. Tsardanidis, International Political Economy, Papazisis, Athens, 2005 [in Greek]


Professor Nicolaos TATSOS, Department of Economics and Regional Development, Panteion University

Professor Theodosios PALASKAS,Department of Economics and Regional Development, Panteion University

Asst Professor Antonios ROVOLIS, Department of Economics and Regional Development, Panteion University

Professor Efthymios LEKKAS, University of Athens

Professor Nikitas CHIOTINIS, Technological Educational Institution of Athens

Professor Lydia SAPOUNAKI-DRACAKI, Department of Economics and Regional Development, Panteion University


Nektaria Marava, PhD candidate,

Theodora Avgoulidou, Networking and Public Relations

Stratos Manos, ESPON Trainer

Nicolas Karachalis, ESPON Trainer

Ioanna Pothitaki, PhD candidate, ESPON financial Manager


Team :  Stella Kyvelou, Maro Sinou, Viviannna Chiotini, Pantelis Pastianidis, Evita Kostolia


Ioanna Pothitaki,  Leonidas Maroulis, Michael Chiotinis


Professor Georgios PREVELAKIS

Professor Maria GRAVARI-BARBAS


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